we introduce ourselves

Surely you want to know who we are and why we want to offer you furniture handles, OEM components, ceramics, metal and plastic and door fittings?

We are convinced that you will benefit from our 50 years of experience in the team and our future-oriented approach, because we always have the digital future in mind. After all, development and innovation is one of the most important components, especially in our industry.

With us you get a partner who knows where to find the best sources for your components and products. You benefit from customized solutions that fit you and your challenges.

We are also interested in long-standing, good business relationships in which teamwork between customers and suppliers is the main focus, because we achieve the best results together with you as a team.

We are looking forward to your project and to being challenged by you!

quality and service

Together with you, we will work out the details of your products and components in such a way that you will not notice any difference to your previous suppliers and/or your own production. Through a close and intensive exchange with your involved departments we can achieve an optimal result, which will satisfy you one hundred percent.

After production we offer you a smooth flow in the supply chain with our logistics services, which we can adjust exactly to your needs and requirements. No matter if "normal" shipping, or a just-in-time delivery. We will develop the best possible solution for your area. Thus we also guarantee the highest possible security so that everything runs smoothly in your production.